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Demand Draft.

A Demand Draft, is one of the methods of transferring money overseas. You aim to reach the best university but submission of university expenses can be a problem for many.A Demand Draft is a very convenient option for transferring money.The beneficiary obtains payment on presentation to the bank on which the draft is drawn.

Advantages of a Demand Draft

- A cheque payable to particular beneficiary drawn on our correspondent bank.
- In any major currency for any amount.
- Payment guaranteed by the issuing bank.
- A secure form of payment as the demand draft is payable to the specified payee.

Most frequent uses of Demand Draft:

- International Education Fee Payments
- Medical Expenses Abroad
- Immigration Fee
- Consultancy Fee

Required Details:

- Full name
- CNIC Copy
- Phone number
- Full Address

- Evidence for the purpose of Demand Draft(i.e. University offer letter)
- Original CNIC along with its photocopy/Passport along with its copy.
- Ensure that the Demand Draft is not damaged ( In case of cancellation)

Terms & Conditions:

- Demand Draft is valid for a period of 6 months only.
- Please take good care of your Demand Draft, as it may be dishonoured if it is damaged.
- You need to present the original Demand Draft in case of cancellation or refund.
- If the Demand Draft is lost or stolen, it can only be cancelled after obtaining approval from the issuing bank
- According to the State Bank of Pakistan, all KYC procedures will be followed for any transaction.
- Expired CNIC/Passport will not be accepted.

D.D Exchange is not responsible for the FOREX loss.
Demand Draft charges are non-refundable.





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